The premiere release by Revelwood’s own

is now available!!!

For a donation to the Artisan’s Colony of Revelwood of $10.00 (+$2.00 shipping and handling).

The CD contains all those memorable Pennsic War tunes, including: 

Fall From Grace 
The Meremaid 
Origon’s Favorite
The Sea Set 
Streams of Whiskey
Follow Me Up To Carlow 
Johnny Jump Up 
These are the tunes you danced and sang to while at The Chalk Man Pub, Calontir Royal Camp, Casa Bardicci, Merides Royal Camp, The Sin Pit, 
Tuatha de Brihiain, Vykland and of course, The Nude Swimming Hole! 

There were only 200 original numbered CDs made for the Pennsic War, and there are only a few left. 
But if we run out, don’t worry, we’ll make more!

To order, send a $12.00 check or money-order payable to: 

Post Office Box 1 
Stratford, NJ 08084