A New Citizen’s View
of the P'n'P

by Rhiannon

This was my 3rd revelwood event, and as I tried to explain to my “mundane” friends where I spent my weekend, I came to the realization that the PnP is an event at a bar that doesn’t exist, with people using aliases, and now that I’m sober, I understand why. It pays to have no evidence!

The 20th PnP was outrageous! What else would you expect? This is Revelwood, after all. I’ve been on this planet 37 years, and this was the most fun I’ve ever had. So, either Revelwood, with the help of the Rescue Rangers, throw one hell of a party, or I need a more interesting life.

I arrived to find total organized chaos. The barn and the grounds looked phenomenal. A big Giant thank you to Mom & Dad Malone, for the use of the grounds. The fun started the moment I got there, and didn’t end until I flopped my butt in the car after cleaning up! One of the best things in life has to be, getting to watch a bunch of men stroll about in kilts! Damn Calidor has some legs! It’s good to know that although the Vicar is now half the man he used to be, he’s lost not a bit of his wit or charm. He is such a sweetheart.

The women looked gorgeous in their many different types of 13th century garb. The men very appreciative of the time we took (and my God, we did look good) and bestowed many compliments all around. Some of the most noted beauties had to be Mims (of course, she’s my idol) Lady Torella, Melitta, Kate-Baroness of the naked people, not to mention Lady Rosalie (with possibly the first gown ever made not by her own hand), Cheron, Val (Happy Bday) Liz, and others who were equally stunning, but I can’t remember their names!

Before court, there was the normal (boy do I use that word loosely) schmoozing and chatting about. People catching up with others they hadn’t seen in ages, and meeting so many new faces. Since for most of the night I couldn’t remember my own name, hopefully, all will forgive if I cant’ remember theirs!

My last PnP, I didn’t stay the night. This time, I was one of the last two people standing at o’ dawn thirty! Considering how much I loved the RR Punch, it’s amazing I was even conscious. I must also thank “Bubbles” for the wonderful, and yet so plentiful jello shots. I’m sure there were others involved in making them, but she was the one who kept offering!

I had lots of fun playing the “Rescue Ranger Punch Drunk Party Prize Game”. Although I only came in 2nd place, the winner (again, I don’t remember her name, but she was a lovely girl, with long brown hair) was very gracious and bestowed upon me 1% of her $100 prize. The game was such, (if you didn’t play it) that you had to collect coins from those who had them, to spell the words in the name of the game. How you got your coins didn’t matter. Getting them was half the fun. And for additional viewing pleasure, we got to see “Captain” Piffel crucified!

We got to see some long-time missing Revelwooders like Everett, as well as those visiting from far away realms, such as the Chalkman Pub, being represented by Hennessey, ooh boy~! I want to see that man in a kilt and regimental. I’ve got a blue ribbon for him.

The only downside of this PnP was that the Iron Baron was not there. I got my citizenship, and he missed it. Seeing Heathcliff carrying Ib’s picture into court, and watching the Night Watch as well as the Rescue Rangers pay tribute to him, gave you the feeling he was truly there! I hear he’s feeling much better, and even in absentia, you gotta give it to him, he throws a hell of a party. To those who provided sustenance, from Greer & V.K. behind the bar (you two got me more coins than you know) to Tripoth and the heavenly breakfast (thank you so much because food dispels hangovers, and I was destined to have a doozy, should it not have been for pancakes) to Kate, Baroness of the Naked People, who provided lunch to the cleanup crew, I thank ye.

On a side note: I am honored that ye have given me citizenship (hey as long as I don’t have to pay taxes, I’m there) and a very special thank ye to Mims. Without her constant love and support, in the form of nagging and goading, not to mention her garb, I wouldn’t have been able to attend. Without her bodice, and a hard bodice to fill at that, I wouldn’t have been as beautiful and charming as she always is. With the mere mention of her name, I had men looking down my chemise, and entrance to the backlot tour. To Lionoe, a most marvelous thank ye for helping to me to keep up with mims, I swear she becomes an apparition with great breasts who disappears with the blink of the eye. To the Vicar, thank ye for taking me under your wing (although I think you’d rather have taken me to the Vicarage). A great big thank you (for making cleaning up the barn a whole lot easier) to Heathcliff and Janine) who were little gnomes in the wee hours of the morning and cleaned the barn. A hearty thank you to Conner for making me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt for days. And lastly, to a night watchman who made sure I stayed warm, thank ye very much.

If this is what all Revelwood events are like, you’ll be seeing my face more than ye may want, in the future!