The Ballad of Stone Soup
by Nell

(Sung to the tune of Ziggy Stardust)

Stonewall played mandolin
Jamming good with Q and Eddie
And the Revelwood Band
They drank down the Guinness
They smoked contraband
They always played for free
Usually stayed on key 

And then somebody said
Why don't we try and make some money
From this musical game?
We could cut us a demo
Make up a new name
In the wee hours of morn
That's how Stone Soup was born 

So Q made them practice
Till the flesh fell off of their bones
Just one four-pack between them
In that smoky basement room
They worked on tune after tune 

Stonewall played along
Windmill strumming like Pete Townshend
Bored look in his eye
While the Vicar and Eddie
Sang 500 Miles
The gypsy harmonized
Then everyone realized 

In between the words and the music
Everything that's lost will again be found
Locked up in the heart of this moment
Here where Stonewall and the band's
Together making their stand