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Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales
All the lyrics, music and links you'll need to start your own rival band and give Hot Irish Sausage a run for their Guinness.

The Silicon Zoo
Taking you places no microscope has ever gone before. You thought lying face down in a pool of Guinness gave you an up close look at your favorite breakfast food?

Just because you know the meaning of life the universe and everything doesn't mean there aren't a few classes you missed (you scamps)……Check out the Seeing Ear Theater.

The Obscure Store and Reading Room
Homeless dine on leftover airline peanuts!
Hospital forces man to stay feces faced for an hour!
Judge orders defendant's mouth duct taped shut!
Albinos: a white minority!
These and other news items you may have missed while watching Dan Rather's imitation of a journalist. All true! All verifiable!

Oblique Strategies
If Elvis is king, then Eno is God. Trust me, just download this thing and figure it out later.

The gift that keeps on taking…..
What's a craic without a little crack?
(Note: This link didn't work when this page went up, but I'm leaving it here - 'cause I just have to know! — BR)

The Canterbury Web Site
All you'll ever want to know about the Canterbury music scene ... Soft Machine, National Health, Caravan, more.  
(Brother Rodney approved)


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