The Proclamation

It did occur that a gathering place was found
And in the forest was it known that the soaring of the spirit is the cause just;
And did they not speak as one to proclaim their art for the sharing of all,
And do not their fruits now give support to their brethren across the land,
And to give reason for shouts of joy was this joining of purpose,
And across the kingdom did word fly for the calling of artisans to begin pilgrimage,
And so be it that all who will share their gift shall find refuge in these lands.
And they within shall serve the kingdom through deeds broad and many.
And people shall have a place of learning for each that will know of the gifts gathered here
And its knowledge shall reach across the borders to bring light into darkness
And the peace of the forest deep will wrap their hearts, green as the mantle from pine, fir and cedar in the

Artisan's Colony of Revelwood