This originally appeared in Vol. 1, No. 2 of JUNK MAIL (June 1998) ē Click here to peruse
Dinosaurs Finally Extinct?Dinosaur

Everything dies. This is not news. No matter how long something exists, there is no guarantee that it will last forever. It happened to the dinosaurs. They were around for hundreds of millions of years. It happened to the Sabertooth Tigers. They were around for a  couple of hundred thousand years. It happened to the original Irish bands of Revelwood. They were around for a little over 14 years. But as with all creatures, it was bound to happen. These past few months have seen the slow but sure de-evolution of the infamous Revelwood creations known as Jack In The Green and The Revelwood Band. Like the behemoths of yore, these beautiful beasts have died and will never come back. No matter how much Fiona yells at Skylar or Stonewall. As in the past, some dinosaurs did not die off, but merely adapted to the extra oxygen in the air. They continue to hunt under assumed names. But they fool no one. The sun has finally set on the original giants.

This is not a bad thing, though, because it means new life. For as the great predators decompose into a sluggish puddle of low octane diesel fuel, something brand new emerges from the oily slime. Something good.

Even as we speak, rodent-like furry mammals are slowly slipping out from under the rocks to face the bright morning of a new life.

All the forces of nature are working together to metamorphose a new predator. A new race of beings that will move differently, have a distinctive look and a unique sound not heard before in the forests.

Bottom line is that itíll probably still drink too much beer and not clean up after itself. But that is to be expected. We are talking about musicians.

And after all, when you think about it, itís really just a different color dinosaur.