A Message from Aaron "The Torch" Krakas and D

Dear Citizens of Revelwood,

 The time has come for your young to have a creative outlet of their own.  If there is sufficient interest, THE KIDZGUILD will be born.  In the past, corralling a group of adult Revelwooders has proven a daunting task. So we have come prepared with a pack of Border Collies.  They are at the ready to herd the children and lead them towards artistic endeavors.  There are artisans willing to teach classes including, watercolors, pennywhistle, photography, ceramics and much, much more.  And thanks to Regan and Russí generosity we have funds to work with.

We know there are plenty of talented Revelkids out there just plotting to become members of the KIDZGUILD.  If you are tired of listening to boring White Cup tales about how they had to hike uphill both ways, in the snow, just to get to The Barn, Then get ready to tell long-winded tales of how you were there at the beginning and are a Charter Member of the Revelwood KIDZGUILD.

 If you know an interested child, please call D at 609-268-3884 between 10:00am and 2:00pm weekdays or Friday and Saturday nights.