An Open Letter to the Populace of the Known World from the General of Revelwood

I have been asked by the citizens of the Artisan's Colony of Revelwood to formally express our gratitude for the kindness and sympathy offered as a result of the loss of our comrade and friend, Taq. Your kind words and gifts of food, wine and flowers helped us face a difficult time. Many people, representing camps from across the Known World, took time to seek out the Revelwood camp and share a moment of prayer, or to express their sorrow. Many of you did not know Taq, but expressed your sympathy nonetheless. This touched us deeply and helped to ease the grief we felt. We are grateful for your efforts and were honored by your words and deeds.

Our historian, Lord Andrew McRobb has informed us that to his recollection, this is the first time in the history of the Pennsic War that an incident such as this has occurred. We pray that it is the last. Having occurred in a place of joy and celebration as is the Pennsic War makes the act all the more painful for those involved. That is why your kindness was so appreciated. You helped us to feel that we were not alone in our grief.

Taq touched the lives of many people. We in Revelwood miss him very much. We knew him to be a kind, gentle and passionate man. He so very much loved the SCA, and the principles of honor and chivalry it promotes. His family understood this, and they too honored his love for the SCA. At his family's request, Revelwood attended the funeral in garb, and set up a sword arch, through which we pallbearers carried him.

Taq expressed himself through many forms of art, but told us that his favorite medium was poetry. His words spoke of love, spirituality, honor and those things that were good in life. Now, he is with the angels he wrote about so often, and loved so much.

We have posted several of Taq's poems on the Revelwood web site. We invite you to visit the page and read some of his works.

Again, we are grateful to all that expressed their sympathy in thought, word and deed.

I remain at your service,

Lord Troubadour Eldorane de Edolo, General of Revelwood