Revelwood has long been a place of unusual facts. That this thing happened or that thing happened is not ever in dispute. We believe it when we tell each other strange and dramatically pungent tales of our lives.

I myself have been part of a great deal of bizarre happenstance. A lot of it my fault.

However, as each thing is told and retold it changes. The speaker says one thing and the listener hears another. And you guys wonder how Bush got elected.

Anyway, here is what I propose. There are a many legends in Revel Lore... Night of the Long Knives, Luncheon on the Cliffs of Mohar, ďMemoriesĒ by M, etc.  The list is fairly substantial and Iím sure even if I did try to name them all I would miss some. Here is where you come in.

Junk Mail will award a case (cans) of Guinness to the person who writes the most unusual but recognizably accurate account of a Revelwood legend.  You know something happened but you werenít there.  Tell the story as you remember it being told to you and have some fun with it. First person accounts are not eligible. The person with the most creative rendition of an actual event will win the prize.  Entries must be in written form. You can type it or print it legibly. If we canít read it, then itís not a story. Points will be awarded for pictures (not your own). Points will be deleted for obviously ludicrous additions such as dinosaurs, talking keg taps and/or 19 hole fairy stepped underground bus stops.

Wait a minute. The 19 hole fairy stepped underground bus stop is real. Iíve been there. OK, I guess you can use  dinosaurs.

Please make it a story for Godís sake. Put some effort into it. The winner will be announced at the Art Show. And not only will it be read at the Art Show but it along with various others will appear in the pre-War issue of the Junk Mail.  Sure the judging will be subjective. All judging is. However the final winner will be selected by Cheron, Silva, The  IB and Q.  So you can all expect to be treated badly. All entries must be mailed to me at or Post Office Box 1, Stratford, NJ 08084

All entries must be received by June 21, 2001.

ó díG