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Our flagship publication - Junk Mail - appears elsewhere on this site.  For those of you who couldn't be bothered, er--, missed reading some of the more stellar bits, we herewith present the first four of an ongoing series of painless extractions, er--, quality excerpts, in what we like to think of as a revolutionary concept: Web Site Reruns!  Hey, if Buffy and The Sopranos can do it, why the hell shouldn't we?  Enjoy!
Dinosaurs Finally Extinct?
Rodney Reviews: The Corrs, Connie Willis
Ask the Archivist
In some sort of incestuous, self-referential publishing feedback loop kinda thing, this article appeared in Volume 1, Issue 3 (Sept. 1998) of Junk Mail, after having originally appeared as one of the first articles published here on the Revelwood Web site.  Here it is again. It's just that good! So read it already.
So You're Going to the War?
One man’s Spam is ... well, apparently, another man's business ...
I Was a Teenage Lorne Michaels (or Be Careful What You Wish For)
The General's Memoirs
Further Erin Adventures: Chapter 3, Part 2 - Two for the Show
Velveeta’s Ten Favorite Forgotten Films
Message from Aaron "The Torch" Krakas and D - the KidzGuild!
A Message from Ruaette
Revelwood Conspiracy Theories 
The truth is out there ... way out there!
The Revelwood Role Playing Game (PDF format)

Our peculiar version of Advanced Dungeons &Dragons!  Join in with the likes of Lars Rachettebreath, Holly Ringo, Nefarious Flaxen, Pennanink, and Nixon (no, not that Nixon), and go to town ... or to the Barn ... or to War ..... Generous lubrication with Rescue Ranger Punch is highly recommended. Like all things in life, the RWRPG is limited only by your imagination!
An Open Letter to the Populace of the Known World from the General of Revelwood
The Official Revelwood Travel Guide — DESTINATION: IRELAND
Looking for a Few Good Sovereigns
Good Witch/Bad Witch
Ask the Archivist (Told ya.)
Memories of Taq
Stone Soup Band's New CD — 'Free Night in Dublin' (Listen AND Order Here)
Stone Soup Band Official Web Site
Getcher Hot Irish Sausage right here!
At the Pipe'n'Pint
Wha's Fu'?
The Ballad of Stone Soup
The Revelwood Morning After Blues
The Scrapple Song