Memories of Taq

Joseph J. Tacconelli
October 10, 1961 - August 15, 1998

Taq told us that his favorite medium was the written word. He also told us that he liked rhyming. So, he became a poet/lyricist who illustrated his own work.
This was a good thing.

Taq was a man who stood up for his beliefs and was always willing to help.
This too was a good thing.

There are not enough good things left in the world.
We miss him.

Taq left us a number of pleasant memories.
We invite you now to share some of them with us.

The following selections are from his handwritten book titled:

Sonlight and the Stormy KnightSonlight and the Stormy Knight
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Thou Twisted Humor
Circus in the Galley
Of These I Dreamt