This may come as a shock to some of you, but being a throne holder is not the most important job in Revelwood. Being able to install, fix, build, buy or steal the tap to the Keg o’ Vicar Brew is the most important job in Revelwood. It used to be the Keg o’ Guinness. But the last batch of Vicar Brew was equally as satisfying and substantially cheaper.

In the SCAdian realm, the Tripod of Power is the most recognizable structure in Revelwood. With the exception of that thing that hold’s Stonewall’s feather up.

Holding a throne on the Tripod of Power in Revelwood is a mixed blessing.

Whereas you are often depicted as holding a position of power by those outside of Revelwood, you are often accused of being powerless by those within.

Whereas you are often looked to for guidance and resolution to abstract problems, your advice is usually poorly received and regularly ignored by those asking for your help.

Whereas you would think you have the best seat at the P&P, you ultimately have to stare into those annoyingly bright spot lights while the general citizenry mock your pronouncements and finishes off the Vicar Brew.

Have I changed your mind yet? No? Good.

Actually, it’s not all that bad. I’m just trying to weed out the partially committed.

A would-be throne holder needs to be fully committed. Immediately.

Well, you know what I mean. If you feel you are, or should be committed, then a seat on the Tripod of Power may be for you.

Let’s have a brief review of:

What is The Tripod of Power?

The Tripod of Power is one third of what the public considers the structure of Revelwood. The other two are the White Cups and the Guild Leaders. A brief description of those centers of influence are found in the link called “A Brief History” on the Revelwood home page. A description of the Tripod of Power is found there also. However, that text is rather personalized and describes the current throne holders. This is a more generalized explanation of the role of the Tripod of Power.

The Tripod of Power includes the Intellectual Throne, The Spiritual Throne and the Physical Throne. In essence, they represent the mind, spirit and body of Revelwood.

Huh? The Intellectual Throne (Occupied)

Although this position is not available, it would be inappropriate to discuss the Tripod of Power without including this most venerable seat. This Throne of Power is held by the Iron Baron, Lord Esterhazy The Exiled. He serves as the figurehead, or the personification of Revelwood. All organizations, no matter how loosely structured need a rallying point, and the Iron Baron serves that role with honor, dignity and a really dry sense of humor. He is the focal point for all parades, official events and baronial decrees. In function, he approves all new citizens, and distributes their pins at the Pipe and Pint. It is not expected that the Lord Esterhazy the Exiled will ever abdicate the Intellectual Throne. His most recent words on the subject were “I won’t give up this throne until three days after I’m dead. So forget it.” Now that’s committed.

The Iron Baron has agreed to work with those who are appointed to the Spiritual and Physical Thrones. Just a word of warning. Always make sure you have plenty of Gin and Tonic available. Without it, he can be pretty brutal.

The Spiritual Throne
(In the words of Lady Cheron of Wolfe)

I have been asked to give a job description of the throne for distibution to all of my fellow Revelmembers who may wish to “compete” for this Seat of Honor.

I strongly believe that the Spiritual Leader of Revelwood must care deeply for the members of REVELWOOD, to the extent that she/he will put Revelwood’s needs before her/his own. When trials come, and they will, this Leader must face, understand and embrace these experiences so that she/he may grow in the true Spirit of Revelwood. This person can not be weak in Spirit... because the Piranhas WILL come!

The Spiritual Leader of Revelwood should have a doctrine that can be explained and understood by all the members of Revelwood, so that they will support the Throne and what it represents: do not overpower the people...empower them! This doctrine will make itself known and will influence the persons attempting to fill the Throne. Therefore, all who seek this honor must humble themselves and truly seek the knowledge and wisdom needed by Revelwood. The current doctrine (attached) is extremely old (over ten years) and has not been distributed to the new members... perhaps this can be changed in the future. It supports and expands on the Triple Trilogy of the Chart... 3x3x3. The new doctrine may expound on this or evolve in an entirely different direction. If you feel led in the direction of expounding on the current Doctrine, I will be more than willing to talk to with you in further detail.

The Spiritual Leader of Revelwood must believe fully in the Magic of Revelwood. She/he must have personally experienced this magic and be able to impart her/his learning to the membership. There is no greater joy than to see Magic and understanding in the eyes of your comrades! The Spiritual Leader of Revelwood should always remember that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one...

May the Spirit and Magic of Revelwood lead you on a journey of understanding, comprehension and compassion.

The following is the doctrine of the Church of the Circled Holly:

Church of the Circled Holly

The Principle:



HOLLY ••• Thankfullness

DAGGER ••• Loyalty

MASK ••• Magic

The Creed:
The intermingling of the White Cups, The Tripod of Power and the Guilds: mysterious, wonderful and magical.

The keeping of the sacred mysteries is only for the chosen, yet all are her very being. As the Holly, Dagger and Mask are interwoven, so is the web... reflecting the surface yet hiding the depth from all who are unworthy.

Web: Reflection/Surface/Depth
All are interwoven and depend on each other for their exsistence. The web of life is both fragile and strong, it captures the enemy yet bows to the elements... it exists in harmony with nature and reflects her beauty as the dew in the first rays of the rising sun.

Reflection: The reflection of the beauty of Reveklwood is her first task ... the hope of all who see.

Surface: On the surface one can glimpse all Revelwood embraces ... she keeps the faith for all.

Depth: The depth can only be found by careful observation and true committment ... her love is extended to all who are willing.

The Nuclear Throne? The Physical Throne

This throne concerns itself with those aspects of Revelwood that appeal to the physical senses. This is not limited to being able to hit someone on the head really hard with a blunt object, although that has come in quite handy at times for getting someone’s attention. It means that if you can see it, hear it, smell it, taste it or touch it, the Physical Throne will probably have something to do with it. Fortunately, Revelwood is full of people that look, sound, smell, taste and feel great. And they are very willing to share these features with most everyone else. Therefore, it has become quite easy over the past few years, from that perspective, to sit on this throne. However, this horn-of-plenty requires another series of skills that fall on the Physical Throne. The skills of planning, resource allocation and negotiation. Getting all those talents together at the right time, in the right order and moving in the same direction isn’t all that easy. Ever been with Revelwood, about a half hour after dusk at the Pennsic War? You can imagine the chaos that ensues as one person, the Physical Throne, does their best to get everyone together and heading off in one direction. But it can be done. In fact, it is. Year after year. These are the kind of skills that need to be brought to the Physical Throne.

The Physical Throne seeks to provide the hands, eyes, ears, tongue and other popular appendages when they are needed. The throne holder must be confident of their abilities, observant of their surroundings, unafraid of challenge and have the charisma to lead. A loud boisterous voice is nice, but not a prerequisite.

The Physical Throne was often sought out by persons inside and outside of Revelwood for negotiations regarding mercenaries, military alliances and combat art support. The legends of the Revelwood Mercenaries are rich with tales of daring and honor. I recall there was a great deal of treasure also. Although these issues have become less frequent as the interests of Revelwood have become more broad, this does not mean a new holder of the Physical Throne could not rekindle those flames. Many people could use a blunt object dropped atop their head. Just look around.

How is the Throne Holder Selected?

Unlike the Guild Leaders that are voted upon, or the White Cups which are terminal, the members of the Tripod of Power are selected and appointed by the White Cups from those that openly seek the office. Once appointed, the holder remains on the throne until they abdicate. About 15 years ago, the Vicar had the spiritual throne. That is how he originally got the name “The Vicar”. Appropriately so, when he abdicated he kept the name as it was not the name of the throne. It was his name. This will be true of Lady Cheron and The General. They are our names. Not the titles of the thrones.

However, The Vicar’s abdication is how The Lady Cheron found her way to the Spiritual Throne. The Iron Baron took office at the first Pint & Pipe and The General was appointed to the Physical Throne at the second. In those early days, there were fewer persons who stood to be committed, so there was less competition. Years later, during The Lady Cheron’s bid for the Spiritual Throne, Krakesbone also sought the seat. It was a close race, but The Lady Cheron’s doctrine was so well developed and presented that the White Cups selected her for the Spiritual Throne. Krakesbone’s efforts were also noteworthy, but there could only be one throne holder. Besides, The Lady Cheron could summon the Iron Maiden. This proved a valuable skill during castigation season.

How Do I Apply for A Throne of Power?

The first thing to do is let the citizens or Revelwood know you are seeking the throne. This can be accomplished various ways as there are many methods of mass communication in Revelwood. I recommend you use them all. The White Cups are sometimes an obscure lot. But they do try to keep in tune (sorry) with the wants and wishes of the citizenry. If they hear from a substantial number of people that you would make a good spiritual or physical throne holder, your chances of appointment improve.

The next thing to do is prepare a explanation of how your abilities apply to the throne. What is it about you that makes you a good throne holder? Do you have any goals you see for Revelwood.

What Do You Mean?

One of my goals when I took the Throne was to see Revelwood become a recognizable, popular and sought after name at the Pennsic War. And it has become so. We are as popular as any kingdom-wide group. This goal was the result of a challenge by the leaders of the local SCA shire at that time. They told us to leave the SCA as we would never amount to anything. Now they are lost in obscurity and we are the most recognizable name at Pennsic. I didn’t do it alone by any stretch of the imagination. But it was my goal as a throne holder. I strategized as to how it could be accomplished (planning-entertainment, combat, journalism). I engaged the appropriate talents at the right moments (resource allocation-musicians, fighters, shire and kingdom publication writers). I cultivated relationships to make the goal achievable (negotiation-Royalty, merchants, kingdom service leaders, popular regional groups). Let the White Cups, and the citizens know what you plan to do. The point of us abdicating is to get someone else’s vision working. Growth requires change. And we need to continue to grow. If we don’t grow together, we will divide. That can only result in dissolution and obscurity. We have seen it happen to other once mighty groups. It is not pretty.

When Do I Take My Throne?

Loot The anticipated schedule is as such... All those who wish to seek a throne should do so between now and the Restaurant at the End of the Universe Party (late February/early March). At that party, all official presentations should be made to the White Cups as this is their party.

The decisions will be made prior to and announced at the Art Show (late June/early July). This gives the new throne holders almost six months before the P&P. The thrones will be passed then.

Best of luck to all.

You’re gonna need it.

The General.