WebLord's Note: This Pennsic fave is also our first contribution via the Web site! Turns out Rob o' the Woood and I share some peculiar musical tastes, which he discovered when he read the latest issue of JUNK MAIL here on revelwood.org. [Click here to do the same].  He kindly submitted the lyrics, presented herewith for your enjoyment, edification, and/or memory-jogging.
Brother Rodney
Wha's Fu'
A Traditional Scottish Ditty

I saw a Finch upon a steeple
            Wha's fu, wha's fu'

I saw a finch upon a steeple
           Wha's fu' nu'

I saw a finch upon a steeple
A peeping down on all the people
           You're all blind drunk me boys
           And I'm jolly fu'

I saw a snail chase a whale
All round aboot the prattie field

I saw a neil chase the De'il
All roond aboot the tattie field

I saw a loose chase a moose
Aroond the riggin' o' our hoose

I saw a sow sowin' silk
Aroond aboot a bowl  o' milk

I saw a sheep shearin' corn
With a hook a boot it's horn

I saw a dog shoe a horse
With a hammer in it's arse

I saw the man in the moon
Drivin' taggets in his shoon

I saw the sun shinin' bright
In the middle of the night

Whas Fu.Whos full !
Whos full of what you may ask? 
Perhaps its a horn of the Vicar's Heavenly Ale or a snout full of Badger Brew!