Welcome to The Aristans Colony of Revelwood!

You can find the old/historic/ancient/made of stone/has a beard/hangs low Revelwood Web Site here…


A collection of artistic spirits.

We share our art.

We grow from our art.

We die from our art.


There is no formal structure to Revelwood, as there is no formal structure to art.

However, from our experience, Revelwood seems to be based on threes, and the multiples of threes.

There are three centers of influence:

  • The White Cups (the founders of Revelwood)
  • The Tripod of Power
  • The GuildsThere are three individuals within each Center of Influence.

There are three official parties per year.

  • The Pipe and Pint
  • The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe (or other Sci-Fi theme)
  • The Art ShowA trip through the Forests of Revelwood is a three hour tour.
An entry from the 2005 Art show

Coincidence? I don’t think so. Everything else is hard work and luck. Citizens, and would be Citizens donate time, energy, money, materials, pleasure and pain.Pain is real popular. We often get so much.    


A citizen of the Artisan’s Colony of Revelwood is someone who has received a Revelwood Pin. To be a Citizen is to be admired/despised, welcomed/refused, sought/avoided. It is a group of people whose common goal is to make all those around them feel good through some sort of art. As you can imagine, this is a double-edged sword.

Being a Citizen means that if you are in trouble, and another “Revelwooder” is near by, you can count on that person being in trouble too. However, when there are two Revelwooders together, a party breaks out, and the troubles seem just a little less ominous.

Citizens of Revelwood are usually asked where the party is, as Revelwood parties have become quite famous. The appropriate answer is “here.” It perpetuates the image and you don’t have to buy the beer. Just make sure you know where “here” is so you can get word out to the rest of us.

Being a Citizen entitles you to get blamed a lot. Shunned by purists. Followed at the Pennsic War and into a Revelwood party without much effort.

Beyond that, it’s entirely up to you. 


…a typical citizen?….

To become a “Citizen” of the colony, you must receive a Revelwood Pin.

To receive a Pin, you must attend one Pipe and Pint and then contribute art, time, energy, money, materials, pleasure and pain throughout the next year, in support of other Revelwood events. Then, at the next Pipe and Pint Baronial Court, your sponsor will present you to receive your Pin.

How do you get sponsored? Well, that’s really up to you isn’t it. Need a hint? Bribes seem to work well. So does devout service. Then there’s always pain. Everybody has their own way of talking a Citizen into sponsoring them.

Be artistic!

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